Saskia Baur is an American actor and dancer of Dutch, Italian & German descent, born in Los Angeles to Erna Baur, a Dutch immigrant and Mario Baur, a Professor of Chemistry at UCLA. The youngest of 5 children, Saskia started her career as a Ballet dancer at the age of 4 with Eileen Locklin (who starred in “An American in Paris”) and trained with Ms. Eileen for 10 years. She became involved in Theatre at Emerson Junior High School in Los Angeles and later went on to graduate from UCSC with a degree in Women’s Studies.

Saskia developed a longing to come back to acting and started training in Improv with David Razowsky (of Chicago’s Second City), Clifford Henderson, and Dixie Cox. She continued her training in the Eric Morris System with Lennie Dean and most recently in the Meisner technique with Kirk Baltz, Tim Huls and Rachael Adler.

In her spare time, Saskia loves to read and speak Italian, keep up with her Ballet practice and hike. Saskia is represented by Joan Spangler at LOOK Talent.

Beautiful, smart, funny, classy and ***ing hilarious. Saskia brings the script to life in whatever production you put her in. I have had the pleasure of directing her in several spots and I always keep her in mind whenever we start a new one that requires the aforementioned.

-Steve Tenaglia, Creative Director Friday’s Films

Working with Saskia is a dream come true for any creative looking for an actor who comes in with strong choices yet is willing to be malleable to adjustments. Her extensive training in improv shows up in her work. She has a large imagination that is conveyed in her choices, and consistently brings a magnetic force to her characters. She’s damn funny too! Her wit bites hard, and her humor rides that perfect edge of welcome irreverence and sand-box play. On set, Saskia is hyper-aware and displays a focus and listening that makes her great to work with. In a scene, her listening is attentive and generous. Highly recommend her for your film projects!

-Tim Huls, Actor, Filmmaker & Community Leader

Saskia started training with me in 2017 and she is someone I am always happy to see return to my classes. She is dedicated, honest and hardworking in the craft. I highly recommend her as a solid and wonderful addition to any project.

-Kirk Baltz, Actor, Teacher (The Actor's Kitchen) & Coach

‘I’ve had the good fortune of working with Saskia in film and seeing her on stage. She has great commitment to character, hilarious improv skills, and strong dramatic talent.’  
-Ben Elie, Editor, Assistant Director Friday’s Films